Chill over a cup of coffee

ZAZA Coffee Experience

Since 2004 ZAZA has been transporting Torontonians to Italy with every sip of coffee. Our beans are hand roasted in Italy by a third generation coffee roaster family, using traditional artisan methods. Each cup is made with freshly ground beans and using the traditional hand crafted methods. 

To ensure an authentic Italian experience many of our baristas are from Italy and have chosen to make the art of coffee a life time career. Their passion and expertise for the craft of coffee can be seen as they work,  and tasted in every cup they serve. Your senses will be ignited as our Baristas prepare your coffee using the traditional hand crafted method of making Espresso: from the grinding sound of the beans, the sight of the rich creamy brown liquid as it flows into your cup, the aroma as your cup is handed to you, the warmth of the cup as you raise it to your lips and the, ultimate sense — taste – as you take your first sip.