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Zaza Espresso Bar is a local Toronto coffee shop that traces its roots to Italian tradition and family. Carmine and his wife Nancy formed the concept of Zaza with a deep belief that there is an art form to making the perfect Espresso.

Passing down knowledge across generations and incorporating it into a family run business lies at the heart of their philosophy, resulting in an artisan’s creativity in every menu item.

Like the tides of the sea, their Italian caffĂ© – or bar – has its recognizable rhythms. People love to stroll in the morning, afternoon and evening for a quick Espresso or a delectable Cappuccino. The predictable ebbs and flows of a variation of people are entrenched in our coffee culture and how pleased we are to improve your day!

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An Artisan is a craftsperson dedicated to making high-quality and distinctive products by hand or using traditional methods.

Our food and products aim to show the most intimate folds of our region made by the people who love and care for our land and traditions every day. Tradition and Italian craftsmanship belong to the soul of a person and cannot be obtained easily or copied. The pride we take in the ingredients and crafting of our products will represent itself delectably in your palette.

The ability of our artisans is reflected in the palatable taste of the products they create, a perfectly harmonious fusion between high-quality ingredients, stunning creativity, and infinite care.

The meticulous attention that we shine on our service and embrace for every coffee, sandwich, gelato, and delicacy makes us exclusive and different from others. We know you will taste the difference!

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